Our Mission

This web site is dedicated in Memory of Kareem Salman who lived to the fullest. Since he was a toddler, he had a passion for cars and speed.  Kareem Passed away in a motorcycle accident. This site is to keep his memory alive

Safety Tips

We all have a passion. Kareem's was cars and motorcycles. Sadly, passion without control leads to disaster 


Car meets

We will hold several car meets like the ones Kareem used to attend. We can share ideas on how to make it safer for people on the road

Companies who are listed on this web site are reputable companies who will promote safety and unity

our club

The KS Car Club is a unique website that will bring together all car and Motorcycle lovers together in the hope of making a difference. This car club was named after Kareem Salman; He loved cars and speed since he was a little boy but what made him different is that he did it with passion. Passion for speed, innovation and most importantly passion and love for others.Kareem Salman He always found a way to make things better. He preached safety to all those he knew and did not know. He wanted to make a difference in the motorsport world and in people's lives. We will make sure that his message and memory stays alive in the minds and hearts of al those that met him and the ones that did not. While browsing this site, you will find information about most of the car companies with links to their websites, you will also be able to ask questions and voice your opinions on how to make cars more safe and economical.

In Loving Memory of Kareem Salman 1992-2012

Special Thanks to our Supporters

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